Tuesday, January 5, 2010

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this week is full of ups and downs..so many things happened but my heart felt so empty and emotionless i would say..not knowing why..or maybe i do..but still cant believe it would be this bad..maybe i put my hope up too high..and now i am disappointed..in me myself and i..dont blame urself..cause its just me..deep down it hurt so much but i know what the use if i show it on the outside..so i'll be happy me on the outside..its ok.they wont know..its ok..that's the purpose me writing this blog..to tell the world but not to the world..will i ever recover? will i ever be loved?

24 24 24 24..why on earth this number haunt me so much? felt so old already..why am i already 24 but still single? haish..xpe2..Allah is saving me the best..saving the best for the last? ^_^ each time i'm alone..this would come..what if i die before i get married? sian mama..xsempat tgk anak pmpuan sorg dia ni kawen..huuu~

oh..insyallah..me and diza will attend ne-yo concert this thursday! yey! OMG! kinda inappropriate to used insyaallah here isnt it? huhu..i wanted to sell it but since diza interested in going..so i suddenly felt more excited! hehe..so here it is..my 1st concert ever! oh 2nd kot..1st one was samson..but that one dont count as it was free and i didnt really enjoy it..the company i went there with..haish..not regretting~

hmm..the thought came again..when those 2 makcik said i look like nur kasih..was it because my look? dont think so..so it make me thinking..or is it because my sad life will be just like hers? huhu..xmo..but she did have her happiness in the end rite? xpe la..cobaan nih..tabah azy tabah~

okies..i thought i wont have much to write..haha..see unpredictable me~

peace n out ^_^

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