Sunday, January 10, 2010

me myself and i~


these few days..i avoid blogging cause i know if i did the post will filled with words that wont be nice to hear coming out from me..huhu..i dont know what makes me be so but i think i have a faint idea why..but know that i knew what caused me being not me..then i think i can change..and i thank shida for making me realize that i am way better than these. thanx sayang! xoxoxo

so to few who i was mad to..i am sorry..i know it was my faults..i dont know why i cant see it i hope it will be better tomorrow~

but 1 thing that i would like to ask all..i am no that nice to be saying yes to all request..i do sometimes wanted to say no..but thinking bout the face after the rejection..i never think i would bear i say yes..i say yes even tho i wanted to say no..i may look happy on the outside..but deep down there there's still a no..but well..i am soft..i'll be happy eventually..i always try to make things work out both eventho i didnt like it early..then after i will slowly grow the like and love..i want to ask one..please..try no to hurt my feeling..cause it would be ugly if i realize it then i would take my silent revenge..see told u i'm bad~

love: this a one topic that i want to skip for a while..i waited and waited..since that u'r back..i dont expect it to be like this..i know i might not up to ur expectation but ..ah well..since u r doing this to me..guess..this could be the end.i dont know how long i can wait still..i keep on thinking..why i wanted to wait..ithe key to my heart is with u..but why oh why i felt that u r keeping it somewhere on the shelf and forget u have it..oh2..this is sick..can i live alone..without a man to love and love me back?

ok2..i try to make this entry as my last entry bout love..cause each time i wrote bout this i felt bad and felt like a thing i know..i love Allah, my parents, my friends, umi, ibu and those who love me..i know sometimes i hurt u but please..i might have problems or things in my mind that i forgot to tell..oh2..i think i need to learn to shut my mouth..stop telling problems..try to spread some love azy! yosh!! positive!!!

oh yea..i've been searching for the song i love so much at ne-yo last time..haha..think it is this one..

peace n out ^_^

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