Monday, January 4, 2010



today started with sumthing unpleasant..but alhamdullilah it all turn well..even the test wasnt as good as i wanted..but ok least now i realized i need to do more! yosh! went to see mr fairuz..he explained..and i think i understand ira and i made a crucial decision..we r going to go see him every week..insyallah~

and on the way back..i met ir rashid..we talked for a while la..told him bout the placement i just got today..alhamdullillah..i got tnb kedah..yipee! so 5th april till 25th june i'll be back in kedah and work at tnb..hoho..expecting much! expectation is set due to current disappointing situation..sorry to say..i was disappointed this morning due to 'that' reason too..but well..gotta live and move on..oh well..maybe i'll u some time to rest and adjusted to life..time is everything now..

next big news..i'm going to be 24 this year!! gosh!! cant believe it! its too weird..i love 23..that's my most fav number..why most? cos i have more than 1 fav number..ekeke~ but 24? huhuhu..sounded ugly enough..and the fact that i just realized it this morning..still shock me till now..huhu..what's going to happen this year? huhuhuhu..1 thing i now..i need to be 'double' by end of this year..huhu..are u still interested? i'm still reserving ur place in here..but if u not ready or not interested anymore..please say so, so that i can start giving out forms *wink2*

haha..ok..i'm happier now..thanx so much ALLAH! My LOVE is just for u and beloved Nabi Muhammad..

peace n out ^_^

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