Monday, January 11, 2010



test power sys down..2 more test to go..on 20 and 22..then 23 got cidb course then go back on 24th! yey! haha..cant wait to see what happen to the house..

can i see premonition? i was about to pray asar..then i was like seeing something..i saw me..driving a car back to my house at loqstaq..and i was alone..but then i kinda like felt what the azy there felt happy even she was all by, balik kampong then when she want fun..she look for one with her was it? it was my 1st time..never happened before..was it how i'm going to live my life? well..single is maybe i would be one..for ever? can i? can i endure it? nothing is impossible rite? was it because Allah wanted to tell me that even without him i can also live my life..haha..seems ok to me~

i keep on playing ne-yo's songs..and my fav for now..are miss independent and single..haha..even when i woke up this morning suddenly ne-yo said to me..i'll be ur boyfren..hahaha..such a good morning!! love it! so i should listen to ne-yo's every nite so that my morning would be just like today's ^_^

tomorrow..i'm going to clinic to check on my back..why does it hurt even after almost a month..haish..hope nothing i got flu..huhuhu..pity those seat around me during test.i was coughing and sneezing the 1st half n sorry guys! cant help it..huhu..i was the 1st started making sounds..then everyone start to sneeze and cough..haha..funny..luckily i managed to finish all questions..even tho i dont know what i wrote there...;p

okies..sneezing still continues...hope it'll be better tomorow..or else my lab session would be catastrophe..hahaha~

peace n out ^_^

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