Monday, October 12, 2009

suci day~


today i wore my sweet cotton baju kurung..and i always felt extra suci wearing this baju now its already 4.22pm..what i can conclude for now is..i love today!! i felt suci! and i saw AKyP! i felt happier..i was having discussion with msian studies group at COE food court then we had lunch..the he my surprise he sat right in front of me..eda was somewhere behind..she n rijal called just to laugh at me..they saw he sat there and they knew how i would react..haha..thanx Allah i didnt take any caffien i am me..hehe..gosh..but i just can't look at him..its too near ok..just few glances..:D gosh! sorry readers..i am a bit carried away this time..but my regret was..i didnt even dare to smile at him..i know he was time maybe..haha~then around 1pm..mia called and asked me to teman her lunch..well she my cyg i teman her...then i sat there doing my emf assignment(well copying..huhu...) then somehow..i felt something..gosh..i knew i will see someone..hmm..there are 2 of usharieren target so i dont know which..then saw a friend from islamic studies..when i was talking to him..mia was kicking me under the table..i thought she wanted to tell me that guy was hot or somthing but then gosh!! again it was him..gosh!! my debar2 perot was because of him..haish..gosh again! hehe..then mia said he sat somewhere that for sure he can see me..hehe..well i think all my dear friends are just trying to make me happy by saying those..but i do glad they approved my usha target this time :D

ok2...tonight i might be going to COIT to do some serious lets plan what to do then:

1)numec due thursday
2)emf-due 3/11
3)msian studies..asap!!

1)numec-due 20/10
2)emd-present on 20/10 too..huhu..dead!
3)islamic studies-discussion tmorrow after emd
4)msian studies-over the weekend..huhu~ life is in a bit catastropher..mis frau lenz! she's always said many work so my thing to do plus studying..but so little time!!! help help me please!!! :D

peace n out ^_^

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