Friday, October 30, 2009

what will happen now?


islamic 2 done! alhamdullilah~hoping for an A..ameen! ^_^ the question was funny..lucky i managed to stop myself from laughing..widuka n widura..then there's widuri and widuru..funny2..oh..n there was widodo too..hahaha~..anyhow..i hope i answered it correctly~

after exam.. to my disappoinment..i didnt see 'anyone' nevermind la..then i thought Ita went back already..but to my surprise..she i was asking for a ride from ira..but in the end i tell her that we r walking home..haha..imagine that..from library to upten weh..haha..with some talking and gossiping..then we reached coe..huhu..sadly only wak's n cafe fadz openned that mean no real food..huhu..then ita suggested we go to ba..gosh..that mean a U-turn..huhu..then i suggest upten..huhu..i was sumhow further..haish..but then i can send her with she agreed..haha...then around bm area..i tell her what of we go to ba..haha..then she said no we continued our journey to upten..somewhere near ilmu..then ira n husni stop by to take us to upten..lucky us..then..jeng3~ hehe..the fun part~ arriving at upten..jeng3...ira turn to me and smile..i know there's must be either i search..oh oh..there he was..hehe..i tried to not let it too ira doesnt know i was still targeting him..haha..funny..the ita n i went for tropic n ira the other way..but after i took the food..n seated..i look that side again..but he wasnt there..huhu..sad..but not so..still have hope..then..the next time i look that way..haha..he was there..but unfortunately he didnt seem to notice me..sad~ nevermind then..i was nothing after all isnt it? but the best part of all..the time he went back..i did look at him..n gosh how handsome he was today..with his usual smart the black shirt..omg! cant make the image go away~scary..hoho~so thats the not-so happy story..hehe..but yes this is the first time i admit he's handsome..all this while he just 'pelik' ^_^
oh..i like what he did with his hair..better!! much much better!! wish i could tell him that~

so..focus focus focus!! another 3 papers!! yosh!!!

peace n out ^_^

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