Saturday, October 17, 2009

saturday..felt like its already sunday~


hoho..wokeup 6.40am for subuh..haish..its gettin late by day..huhu..last night went to hani's house then arrived on bed at 10pm..then slept till this morning...need sleep..last 2 days lepak at libry till 3am then slept at 5am (gosip2 ngn shida.haha) woke up at 9am..then 10pm sleep..haish..its i feel like sleeping the whole day..but i cant cos need to prepare for emd presentation and numec..but the numec think dont need to do much cos its all here..huhu...well not in mood to say much bout numec..the fight of cos..haish..

finally yet importantly..haha...just found this phase..might be using this for essay later.. for emd ppt, intro msian studies, essay? huhu..emd hw due 19..and emf due 3/11(which i havent found in my thousand of emails..haish~)

ok2..concentrate!!! yosh!!!

oh yea..might be doing industrial training next yesterday had a briefing then dr azree told us to do a blog!! haha..thank God i love be prepared to read mostly more formal wording (essay like i supposed since dr azree said he want to read everyone's blog...haha yea rite!) but i think all this while it has been quite formal isnt it..since ajoy said he cant read it..haha..when dr azree to us to start blogging, i heard so many voices..they dont want to blog..never mind them..i started thinking why i love blog so much..i do really like reading but to me pouring everything in blog means something more than letting go some of ur feeling but also to friends who also love blogging its a way to tell them stories about u to them without taking their time..cos its up to them when to read in and whether to read it or not..hehe..anyhow..i do love to tell stories..:D

okies..thats all..need to do things now..yosh!!

peace n out ^_^

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