Tuesday, October 27, 2009

depressed n still depress~


started with the paper this morning..alhamdullilah it was ok..insyaallah~

so then i came back to my comfy bed then had lunch then nap..then out to alamanda with ita..main purpose was to buy the 'lost symbols' by dan brown..but then they say there's only hard cover..so hmm..thinking..thinking..so i endup not buying...deep down still want to buy!! but well..still got till tomorrow! hehe..

then..after came back from alamanda..to my surprise..it just 6.30 pm..so had time for a movie..cant say the title here..but it was soooo sweet..a man love a woman he hardly know..even the real name was fake..but he does fall for her...and yes..the woman do fall for him too..the ending was unpredictable but yes..its sweet...

then after hani came back..time for another movie..the ugly truth..gosh! i dont really fancy gerard butler...but he's always sweet on screen...but no no today i was not really in mood..i hardly cried..( yes..i'm a cryer..i even cry while watching wonderpets when they managed to rescue some animals...huhu) so..then i know something must be wrong...but i havent found the cause..huhu...but this feeling triggerd when a housmate of mine mention bout her sweety..so then they all talk bout their sweety...well..then left me there with nothing but my pc here to tell...so sorry if u read this..i dont know what to do anymore..i really do need someone..i dont know whats wrong with me...i think i function well enough for someone to like me or even look at me..oh well...the truth is ugly~

feel like crying~

so before i spill any..sorry all..n please pray for me..as i always pray all~

peace n out~ T_T

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