Sunday, October 11, 2009

raining outside n inside~


happy sunday everyone!! so been long since i last wrote sooooo much to do but i still havent finished today last day of this everything need to be done by 12pm today..bcause after that need to do something else other than assignments..huhu..hopefully..oh..yeah its raining outside..finally..feel like going back to sleep..hehe..but no no..kakak say i need to mail her the emd assignment asap..huhu..ok kakak..working on it..

i just did something that i know somehow would hurt me..without thinking long i did it and i did end-up hurt..i still asking myself..will all this work in the end? it hurts so much but i still fell that i want to wait till the end..but why? keep on asking the same question all these years~ list for today~
emd-hybrid car
emf assignment345
msian studies..haish~
numec-due thursday

so finals in 2 weeks...chaiyok everyone!!! :D

peace n out ^_^

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