Monday, May 4, 2009

keje keje keje keje~


it has been long since i last post here...a bit bz..ok..i dont want to touch anything on my result..haish~ now, its special sem..i'm taking mandarin n engineering economy..n i hope i can get waaaay better..and since my class are only starting at 6pm and end at 8pm..i've decided to work..need to pay for mandarin class...rm 729 tu..where to korek? supervisor said my salary should be 725 so..should have cover the fee la..but today i discover that, there is a chance the boss will pusing2 a bit so that he wont have to pay that much to kejam kan?

wateva la~

ok2..i want to share my 1st xperiance working at a petronas pam station...

30th april..
nothing much..started at 7am-3.45pm kot
i've learn to use the cash register(i'm a cashier) hehe..met new frens..hajar,k ani,mazni, n acap..they are ok..hajar is my cikgu..she was assign to teach me everything since they will ramai2 resign..then there will be me n kak ani working tgether...n i'm not sure when new ppl will come in..scary~

1st may

learn to take credit was fun..susah but i know how they do thing at shops..hehe
celebrity customer: izani(actor plus tokey belacan..haha)

2nd may

learn tp mop the whole kedai..haish...penat weh~ plus..i'm a cashier not a cleaner!!!
celebrity customer: zulhuzaimi( muke cekodok!!! nyampah)

3rd may

haha..hari yg best...kutuk2 bos ngn hajar psal gaji dorg yg makin lama mkin sikit...kene kencing kot..tah pape tah...then..bos ajak g amik lori minya.,..1st time panjat naik lori minyak!!! seyes best..cuak de gak sket..but it was again a new experiance!!! suke2!! trasa spt engineer!! suke2~
pastu petang wat dipping...igt susah..upernye senang je pon.. cuma xbest sbb panas..haish..

ok..tmorrow morning shift..n nk kene g b4 6.30am..haish...ok2..need to sleep now...nite2...salam~

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