Monday, May 18, 2009

listening is not that bad~

well..ola! new day..started at 4.30am dis morning..since me n yana wanted to have breakfast b4 i go to work today..went out at 5.45am n head home n arrive there at 6am..had breakfast at d limau nipis..wanted to hav nasi lemak..but its geting late so i had my usual 3 cos meal ;p n a glass of nescafe tarik was superb..the cafein was top-up at 5pm n it last me till now..see..i need nescafe for can i live without one? today..seem life become more n more sad..not sure why..wheather was too..moody day perhaps? monday was most awaited day for me..but ws all so boring...what hav i become? growing seem so lame..listening to what people encounter today was shocking n surprising as it should..but choosing not to fully believe made me feel bad inside out..sorry~ it wasnt my time of life...this is not me~

today: nothing happened at was all so boring..watching another day pass by...12 days to go~

today: mandarin class was superb..i thought i going to get less for the mid term..alhamdullillah...17/20 was ok right? hehe..not full mark..but it was good enough for me..alhamdullillah~

today: econ class? today mia n ed didnt attend i was alone~ luckily i hav my lil brother..yuva wit me..haha..anyhow..still hating myself for not understanding felt easy..but i just couldnt get it..yet..hopefully~

today: mia msg me dis evening telling her sister fell down the was horrible even to the ear..i cant imagine how did it happened..praying hard she'll be ok..ameen!!

today: get a msg from the uniten driver's search...need to be there on wednesday for briefing..who knows mayb this is my door? hehe..being the next f1 driver? cewah~ just trying my luck~

today: still feeling da same...not sure how to beautify my blog..n i'm kinda doubt anyone would want to read dis...well..just a place for me to pour off some of my thoughts~ its getting jammed in there..can it be? trying not to think much~

today: my little campaign still going on..xcept not as agressive as i used to be...just not my day..not enough sleep..n unstable mood...why does dat affect me dis much? hate dis part of me!! miss independent me!!

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