Friday, May 29, 2009

:: 28052009 :: regrets? oder?

hmm... alot to say here today..last nite econ nite as today i got econ test..super hard!!! but i manage to goreng till d end..hehe~ so i hope there's still a chance..ameen!!


yesterday: hmm..was my off day..supposely i did my last minute study but i end up sleeping da whole day!! today's morning i woke up at 4 n do a bit of econ..b4 siap2 for work at always..i'm late!! wateva! not that i like seeing his face early in da morning..haha~ sumhow i really wanted en penyelia ptg to read this..hahaha~

yesterday: i asked him just for second opinion bout the myV thingy...hmm..sumhow his reaction was sumwat same with mama's usual answer..hmm..the fact that i still havent tell mama was a major really need more time to study..its 1 week plus away from finals..and i'm not at all ready!! haish! sunday will be my last day working so next week i hope i can spend more time i got mandarin oral test next week..n on june exam!! scary2~
oh yeah...wanted to tell bout the myV challenge...i think my name was out from the list..since i didnt go to the selection phase at class at i ask fellow mandarin clasmate..they came back at i'm really grateful i did go..mayb next time..huhu...wonder when will i try karting..hmm~

dis morning: woke up at 4 am..then i remembered idalia said man u vs barca on i went downstairs..n ke? barca won!! haha..i'm a man u fan but i dont really mind when barca won cause i like dat comel messi!! morning full with handsom guys..en ronaldo..then cute messi..then prince william..haish..wonderful morning~ plus at work abg posmen..haha..but today think he got problem..fight with gf kot..look bit messy..or mayb he stayup n frustrated for man u..haha...ala bang..lek2 sudeh~

dis morning: at girl..aziah..was first i thought she a bit kerek..first time of my life sumone refuses calling me kakak..weird..all this while..ppl wanted to call me kakak but i'm da one who refuse..haish...just a weird case..haha..but in the end..i still address myself as kakak..dah terbiasa lak..hehe..well..just to gain a bit of respect..haha..oh ya..forgot..the funny part was...i this en penyelia was trying t make me n k ani jealous..hahaha..wateva!! when me n kak ani first came in..he's not the one who teach us..haha..funny this time with aziah he did...weird...another weird case...hmm...come to think about that..i think..they suit together...both sumwhat weird! hehe..sorry guys~ :D

the work: hmm..not much...alias belanja me n k ani nasi lemak...just because i forgot to bring my purse n k ani a bit kering...poor her..sorry i cant help much..then..i'm willingly help him jaga ngv for a ke? 10min breakfast plus 1 hour rest..haish...tanned2!!! really need this one-month-recovery time :D

today: sumone ask for my number again..haish..sorry..i'm loyal..cewah..hope u didnt read this *blushing2*

today again: i was bathe in petrol fault i think..i thought the pump was having problem so i selambely take the nozzle out..suddenly the petrol sprayed out.(not sure how to describe it) next thing i right hand was wet wit petrol...what if sumone light a fire..then i wont be typing here toninght la..hehe..after few wash with soap n my shower cream..then the petrol smell finally gone..haish...not sure what to do with the baju..malas nk layan..its my last 3 days anyway..hehe~

after work: i wanted to ask any of the boy to check on my tyre..i really dont know how to check the air pressure...the pinching2 was hard..well..cute hands rite..hehe..then..i went back to see whose there...then i saw alias...haha...called for help..but guess his buzy closing account...then i saw acap saw me there.,.then i just called him...sweet little kid..haha..his 18 fill the air..then yazid came...also my adik over there...then alias came too..hahaha...the funny part was..when one taxi uncle point out that there three came to help me n left the ngv pump..haha...klakar2~ well..will miss them all~ hmm..told mia bout my surprise for them..not much but enough for some remembrance~ :D

tonight: he called..but i know..its all bout me..u ask rite..,hehe..sorry if i make u bored~ its not my night..,.the test was not a OK..really needed to talk to i lepak with shira n didi downstairs..gossiping bout our neighbours n food!! haha..n now i'm hungry!! haha...sabar2~

sumone msg me asking if i'm ifa? who's ifa? wateva!!

hm..thats all for now~ bis bald!! ;p

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