Sunday, May 17, 2009

:: 17052009 :: found out that everyone is resigning..kesian en bos..sorry..much of your own fault i think..too much to xplain..nanti2 many things i learn bout people..human..thru communication..much of a listener than speaker like i used to..hehe..weird huh? but that just me..i'll be talkative when others are silence..being the opposite when meeting another met one..its true when ppl say we can learn to bout a person when we listen to them..but..9 hours is just to much..i dont mind listening..but..if its too much of a drama n its a to0 bad to be true..haha..i just choose to not to believe..sorry..its just too much~

today: i just found out that en bos might be listening to our every conversation...scary~ prove? me n kak eda were very da malas to go in to see en bos..but when the time come..we just have eda's turn..i knew he locked the door since before..cos i was doing bit of studying the time kak eda walk out of the counter..i heard he unlock the door as if he know she coming...isnt it obvious? OMG! i couldnt imagine what has he heard n see..wateva long as i know..i'll be there for another 12 days..hehe..yey!! told en bos yesterday..he seem to be expecting..wateva la~ my finals are on 10 n 11 be it~

today: en penyelia was weirdly nice..everyone was!! its kinda weird..i know i look bit different today..way cuter kot..haha..just bought a new eyeliner...tu baru eyeliner..kalo start gn mascara lak..mmg makin ramai r org dtg..hehehe..perasan~

today: ngv collection RM2.20...ok la for 1 hour..and 2 phone no..haish~

today: funny part~
i went to the office to get cigarette's stock..gosh..i'm selling IT!! but my little stop smoking campaign is still going on for the 3rd day ;p n it will be untill the last day i work..macam ada effect je least they was reminded..kan2~ oh..da story..i was telling en bos that since i work there..i know each n every rokok in the store la..before this..i thought it was all the same..haha..n by the time i wanted to go out i said arigato..n he replied hait..hahaha..i was shock!! seriously!! en bos itu ditakuti kot..dah la dah 2 ari kena masuk mengadap sbb short..haha...wateva..i did try my best!! pasrah je la..

today: a pakcik lock his merc locked keys inside..with the engine running..n themperature rising..he fear his car might he did made us scared..luckily..en bos came to the rescue..haha..he called mechanic to korek open the door..remember..its a merc..funny part is..he gave people who helped him each rm10..xcept for en bos..haha..n we were laughfing at him as he saw dat n he actualy go to dat pakcik...hahaha..imagine urself what happened next~

today: i did tried doing my economics assignment during work..haha..hope its correct..hehehe..still havent understand economy fully..still working on it..

hmm..dat all for today..its 0007..i need my sleep for tomorrow..going to be a very long day..tomorrow..will be working with acap n k ani..hope wont a another boring day like today..haish~ n please not another cleaner day plz..hate it!!! ;p

lastly..still not knowing what i should fear has grown..not knowing my worth..keep on thinking bout..need to stop..its not easy..feel the need..hate dis side of me...miss independent me~

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