Friday, May 22, 2009

myVi eco-challenge

nothing much this time..just a blink on an activity which i thought would be a step stone for me in becoming a f1 driver..cewah..yeah rite~ i was so into dis..but as i attend the briefing did open my eyes..i'm okey with all the phases and obstacle we might be facing onward..but the fact of why uniten wanted to have a female driver just doesnt make sense..well it does it a way..but..not in a way that i would permit myself..not knowing what will happen next..i am still thinking...they said that we have to get through the first phase, which is the selection at subang speedway..using will be my first time driving it scares me a lil..but since i have been driving for a i hope it has no different from the real car...just for the sake of i or shouldn't i go to the selection? it will be held this sunday..i'll be working night shift, so it wont be a problem..i supposed..hmm...still considering...n i havent tell mama yet..hmmm...what will she say? seem a sharp no-no..but..who knows..she does know i love f1..hmm...i dont think the risk would be big..just the heat n a bit of skill would be enough...hmm...thinking2...think..i would just let the time decide ;p

love: listening today n yesterday was still shocking..i just hope none of it will ever happened to me as just listening to it made me would life be under those condition? not something that i can or want to imagine...just praying for a better life ahead...learn so much in this 3 months time..eventhough it hasnt near to the end...learn about no worries...i'll be here for you..eventhough i know you might not be there when i need you later...

this is the website about the eco-challenge i'm considering to join...still considering~



Driver Search Begins

A drivers meeting and breifing session had been held at BF, Mechanical Engineering Laboratory inside the Automation and Robotics Lab. The 8 chosen contestant are given a brief explaination by Hafiz on what will they be going throughout until the racing day

The Contestants are:

Nur amirah bt zakaria ME079708
Nur Azyyati bt ishak EP080382
Christine Cheah ME081521
Mohd Ozzie Bin Ahmad U10514
Utrasenan a/l Gunasegaran AM80228
Hanif Aiman bin Ahmad EE077712
Rasyida bt Omar ME079713
Siti Nor Hajar bt Ghazali AE81016

After the session ended they all had a glance of what the Perodua Myvi of Uniten Team looks like.


Sparx® said...

semoga kejayaan sentiasa bersama mu..hakhak.skema la plak ayat ::lol::

schuzyy said...

haha..tau xpe ;p