Tuesday, May 26, 2009

:: 26052009:: thinking2~


just came back from mandarin class..tumpang cik idalia lagi..hehe..promise her to pay next month..hehe..thanx ye cik idalia..jasamu ku kenang ;p


today: massive disaster last night..which i havent tell the whole here..so here it is..during mandarin class yesterday..penyelia petang text me..asking bout my shift..so i told him that (again~) that i'll be coming in the morning since its class day..but he insisted that i should stick to the that bangang jadual of his..without considering me!! i ask k long today..she told me that they did argue bout me n the jadual..bcause they need to let me attend my evening classes..it will be only 4 3 days...monday to wednesday..just that 3 days!!! still..penyelia petang degil..told k long..ala...let her change among themselves..mengong!!! he think its that easy..if i need to change...its just between me mazni n k ani..k ani is pregnant..n mazni is just recovered from suspected denggi..susah btol org belagak bgus nih..sorry if u read this..just cannot stand u anymore~ really glad its going to end very very very soon...to be exact...this end of month...yey!!! not that i like leaving...but...since this is my first xperience of working..i really didnt xpect it to be this hard..overall..i would say...knowing how to be a cashier cum everything..thats include cleaner..store keeper...ngv pump attendent...receptionist...what else? everything la...its just whole new world to me...super hard! i'm surprised i've survived this 27 days..tahniah2 for me~ :D

today: read on newspaper 31st may is tobacco-free day!! hehe..love the idea...i did tell everyone who buying cigerette from me this news..n they just smile..hehe..just the way i like it :D still hoping for them to stop smoking..even it seem soo impossible..hehe.well at least i tried~
today: ngv tips is close to rm1..ok la for half n hour...hehe...shared with mazni..poor her under that burning sun n heat...really tanned us...no need beach anymore..

today: i did tell k long bout the penyelia petang...seems that he did sumwhat the same with other haris on the same day..mayb thats what he meant by ni sorg lg..haha..seems funnier now..but i still have grudge ..hoho...sound evil! i know~ haha..

today: really embarressed when i realized eda n rijal was watching me at ngv today..n they were laughing at me...ampes2...i didnt see them...really...was concentrating on doing my job as ngv pump attendant...haha..haish~ luckily rijal said they will fetch me after work for lunch..hehe..didnt xpect anything..then at 3pm...after closing till...i saw them at a pump..just to kacau2..i went out...n rijal bullied me ...luckily i escape from being his kuli batak,..haha...not so la..hehe..exagerating a bit ;p i almost raining..then i told them to meet me at home so that i can run from rain..haha...direct translation over there..hehe..then...at rumah sewa...i remembered i didnt pray yet..so i went in for bath n pray..n they waited outside..kesian..half n hour...hehe..sorry la ye korg..then we went to sate kajang...n to my surprise...rijal belanja us...hoho...lucky day!!! thanks rijal@abah ;p came along with them was hadi n angah...

i think i'll do sumthing for my petronas fellows later..i know they will miss me..hehehe..perasan~ i will definitely miss them all..including..en bos..k long..penyelia petang(NOT)..hajar..mazni..k ani..acap..haris..yazid( no worries bout this guy..got his fb already..hahaha)..zarif( a little..;p)..alias..man..of..OMG tasha..haha..who else? n all suppliers n customers..abg posmen..abg susu..abg comel..haha..whoa..so many abang..hehe..plus my little stop smoking campaign..n my friday ngv's ceramah ;p i'll miss those happiness n suffer till death..cewah...it is eye opening for me to study harder..i definitily wont let 'those' people step on 'this' kind of people anymore...now that i already know how they feel...i'll try to be kinder..not that now i'm evil..hahaha~

still half hating..not knowing where this will lead...just going with the flow..its hard to listen to theirs..n i hope i wont have to experience one to really know how they felt~

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