Friday, May 15, 2009

:: 15052009 ::

its friday again..n its a 2-hour-tpaksa-jaga ngv day..huhu~ n i'm completely ke tan? tbakar je macam...huu~..luckyly i got nearly kinda worth ke? told mr boss i wanted to claim for sun block..haish...seriously we need sun block...haish~ n today...since its more story to  tell...hish..met few muslims men who skip friday prayer..sad to say..most of them are 40plus..sad2!! worst case..dis pakcik..he stop there just to buy sumthing to eat n he just stay there till 2pm then went by..OMG! really cant believe sumone would do that just to escape going to masjid for prayer..kalo dah friday prayer pon skip..others? haish~ hope my loved ones wont do the embarrasing~ please la..malu kat ktorg yg tcongok kt kaunter ni..n today..alias yg kejam break xtra half hour..ces2..kejam2!! n i'm half n hour more tanned!! aaarr!! menci2!!

today: celebrity seen..sorg je kot..aisyah yg blakon anak mami tu..she wore big weird glass..i hardly recognize her at first but when she smile..then i perasan~ nice blue honda city..nice one..who else? hmm~ 

today: still hating en penyelia ..hish~

ngv:  given ceramah@ pesanan soh org2 g smyang jumaat..padan muke~ nk skip sgt...ada sorg pcik ni..dah pasan aku ni pmpuan lg nak soh aku watkan..pastu uper2nya dia ala2 cam too big to move..patot ketidak-frenly-an pcik tu sgt undescribable!! camne la customer dia..sian gle..sure2 bosan..dh la xg smyang jmaat..aiyak!! emo byk arini sbb last wik..seyesly i forgot it was no way..naseb la kalo next wik dorg xnak dtg dah..well at lis i did my job bit of dakwah..alhamdullilah~

today: i missed another chance to climb on da oil tanker..rugi2!! 

today: my mood was kinda unpredictable..but i did try hard enough to be as happy as always~ hehe ;p  i know there's sum ppl who did miss me when i'm not there..hahaha..perasan~

today: did another discovery which made me think..have i made another mistake? i cant stand another of those again..its hard the first time..n i'm sure it will be much worse~i cant have it again..please..hope everything will goes dreams..its not the first wast that good..but i did choose this way so i hope its the best choice..cant think of any other..cant think of going thru this life with any other..u know how i was back then~   

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