Monday, March 9, 2009

crucial time~

this is the time when i wanted to avoid myself..n i hope everyone would to..but at the same time..i really need sumone to cheer me up again...mayb some would say its the moony time..but i dont really think so..well..its just nothing..just being another part of me...n i bet he dont like me at this time either...but..if u love me unconditionally plz..we have our ups n downs..well this is only in da middle..well..u disappear when i was at the bottom..i dont forget...just ignoring it so dat i can accept u for wat u are..*sigh*..reallyhope dat u never read dia..if u did..sorry..actually i wanted u to know this side of me..but at the same time..i just don..hard being me rite? having trouble inside out...well..i like the cheerful-no-prob me better...but this seems others are making it harder..i dont know why i just cant praise sumone full hearted..listening others doing it just make me mood changed just because of dat..but the problems lies in me..the person dont even realise it...i wanted to tell would make things silence it the best solution...well..situation for him..just the same...seem hard to understand me..when can u understand me..seems like its only me who r doing the understanding thingy...the other side..*sigh* frens...seems to far when dis time the farther the better..just came back from kampong...nothing much..all went birthday breakfast..thanx abah n mama! love u! small but memorable enough for me..thanx a million~ don know why it hurts inside...i supposed to be happy when they r hurts even more just to listen to their laughters~ sorry frens~ u put me in this situation...just wondering why n when can u do the same for me..a bit is me..just being me~

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