Monday, May 25, 2009

:: 25052009::


arrrrgghh!!! geram2...ari yg sangat geram...its my moody i was affected by stories i heard ..then..i sumhow turn selfish..n u did that..i now..i hate u..haha...then..come the petronas story..hish..xplode2!!! hate-men!!! could they please consider others??? n please mind ur words!!! i hate men i hate men i hate men!!!! 

plus i got scold for sumthing not even my responsibility!!! plus i'm about to get sumthing that i supposed to deserve much better!!! hish!!! so not my day!!! plus..econ class...absolutely zero input! hate dis side of me!!'s words: wateva!. hate. n plus g mati..sorry..dis is not me~

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