Sunday, May 24, 2009

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today: work as always..sunday always bored..not many people as always..more sitting than serving..helping kak ani during the end of shift since da beginning was so slow n energy consuming...started just fine..till en penyelia went back n saw his unfriendly face again..haish..tembak kang~ then en boss came in..was ok...he kept himself much in the office so not a problem..just curious whether he was observing us using cctv..since he did sumthing that elert us that he is watching..well..i'm too cute to be ignore rite? ;p 

today: all girls day..xcept for man..he's the ngv guy today..asked me to help for 5 minutes..n he did came back after 5 min...surprise..haha..then..well..nothing much happened today..just smiling a lot and laughing to few guys n do attract me cute..hehe..tambah2 kalo yg ngn ayah yg encem ;p

today: went back for lunch at home..since last night i cooked some nasi goreng i went to pasar tani bought some things for tomyam..hehe..turn out sakit perut yet..n i did paksa shira makan skali...hahaha..sorry shira~

today: i listen to love stories...happy n sad..betrayel n happy much drama..i make me curious of what people are it true? still doesnt convince me much...not 100% from me..the fear of the past still there deep down..not that i dont want..just scared if those things happen to me..but since back then till now..u showed me thats what i'm giving back..i trust u with all my heart..hope u didnt do the same to me..scared i might not recover ever again..please~

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