Sunday, October 3, 2010

few weeks more~


i told them i am now less addicted to the internet~

everytime i go will be just..emails, facebook, and blogs..few blogs i follow seems to be not internet seem much less interesting~

so what does life means to me now? i am keeping myself busy with books and stuff..sound so bored..haha..and series and movies and sleeps! haha~

anyhow..i think i like this much more..even sometimes it wont do me any good~

i keep on remembering things from the past..which i also keep on rethinking..should i or shouldnt i? and each and everytime i think of that..i will then call mama..not to tell her..but just to listen to her voice..i used to love to listen to some other person voice too..but since it's mama will be my ultimate source of calmness now..thanks mama! yesterday..u was the best..even i lost few times..u r always there for me..thanks so much..and also to my friends..thanks for ur support..i may not telling u everything but just by listening to ur stories and tales..u made my day a lot more better..

for those who i accidentally let my anger out on u..i am soo sorry..i am trying hard to control my feelings..but i am still human~

hope u still love me for who i am..because i will always love u~

thanks again friends~


peace n out

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