Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 weeks to go!!


i was doing plans for these coming weeks..and gosh! it is less than 2 weeks more before finals exams! gosh! wish me luck everyone!

i was shocked again..a friend told me he read my blog..haha..thanx for stoping by syafiq..bosan je kan blog ni..hehe~

i told ita something..she scolded me..haha..thanks ita..eryn scolded me for the same things..hehe..funny..thanks girls! love u soo much~

i read something on a friend's fb..i like a lot~

Perempuan cantik itu
Tidak memandang dan tidak dipandang
Perempuan cantik itu
Tidak mengenali dan tidak dikenali
Perempuan cantik itu
Tidak menegur dan tidak ditegur

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syurga tinggi _(o'.'o)_ said...

saya suka 6 baris terakhir :D