Tuesday, October 19, 2010

aha..hyper when needed..love it!


yey! i am hyper! i love it! study schuzyy study!!

oh..my lovely respectable dr au had posponed the power sys final paper to 26th..so my 1st paper will be on monday..25, control sys! yosh schuzyy!! u can do it!

oh..1 more thing! i love this week because..eventho head is working in extended hours..heart is too preoccupied with works..so i have no time thinking bout other 'things'..n i love it too!!

last night mama,abah, fendi, kak farina n adib came to my house and we had dinner..love it! evenho i kinda felt guilty because supposedly i go with them to fendi's place but my head can't stop thinking bout finals and works remains..so i tell mama i need to stay..luckily mama didnt mind..hehe..nway..thanks all for coming! my spirit lifted already! ^_^

yosh schuzyy!!!

all the best to all unitenians~

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