Wednesday, October 20, 2010

this is funny~


finals is in few days time..and i am spending my night here..burning the midnight oil to google my and only i how inexperience i am in the field..haha..nevermind me~

i was watching the ex list with ita the other day..yes it was soo 2 years ago..i am always an old-school type..oh ex list..well not to say list..just's about it? i dreamt bout him few times this week alone..and it felt has been almost 6 years..and we was together for only few months..and we only see each other faces twice in about few minutes..1 hour top! what do u expect? i was 18 back then..young and innocent..not knowing what to expect..the drama was always so memorable..first love they say..funny..with all the with few times i kinda like see images of was like..i saw my neighbour..but with his face..the other time was at the lift..the guy look just like i miss him? i guess tonight..i spend the night google-ing him..and to my surprise..i did found him! ahaa..that really amazed me..just that me and internet didnt get along too well..usually i wont find what i'm searching for..and this time..i did found what i searched for. thanks Allah..i did add him on fb..hoping he would approve..not expecting much..just be friend again..the memory still fresh..i remember quite everything he told me..and pretty much all of what friends told me bout worries..only the wonderful things..the bad ones..long gone~ ;p

ok schuzyy..u are too into that 'Ex list'..lucky u have only one to google schuzyy!!! focus2!!!


all the best everyone!!! ^_^

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