Thursday, October 14, 2010

i need my hyperness today~


i took nescafe again today..and to my surprise..the effect is not as long as before..drank at 9am..not at 12pm..i am back to my normal state..which is not helping..i need all the energy and hyperness to stay awake and be that all the works and assignments can be done well~

heart..i am expecting moodiness..but with the help from nescafe..i should be ok..but since today shown no i think..hope can't be put so high..sigh~

i am re-calcalculating~

i am being self-centered..i know..but most of people around me..too are what can i do? me being selfless~ ok! but..finals are might be needing my alone-time~

yesterday was fun~

today wasnt..turn down the O&G thingy..felt like turning away from my future..i hope i wont be regretting this decision..huhu~

oo moody..please go away..good mood and happiness..please come..i need u now~

peace n out~

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