Monday, October 11, 2010

saye hyper!!! sekian terima kasih~


i was sooo hyper-active today! eryn asked me to follow her to the food court for lunch..i had my lunch still i had iced neslo..gosh! mistake! i was soo hyper n talkative today..i had my presentation for my comsys..and while was waiting for my turn at 4.45pm..supposedly..but end-up my turn was at 5.15pm..i was hyper-ly scold everyone who asked me questions out of the context of my experiment..because i dont want to distract my focus..actually i was avoiding answering them because i wasn't really confidence with my experiment and i am trying hard to keep related things only in my head. so after 3 hours waited with hyperness..i am very very very happy as we managed to answer all the questions nice n fast! congrats lyza!!! we got thru!! yey! when we was out from the room..i laughed heartily! i dont know why...maybe because all her questions were almost the same as previous we were ready for it! alhamdullilah~

so practically..i am very happy today! all thanks to NESCAFE! haha..gosh i am addicted to nescafe..btol la ita..if u want me to do something without me taking to much time thinking..just give me nescafe..i will do anything u want..haha~

peace n out ^_^

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