Thursday, September 30, 2010



since my last entry here..i have been quite busy..and few times i opened the new post page and blank..seems nothing too interesting to be talked about..maybe i am concentrating more on my real life..haha..but addict is i am back! haha~

on tuesday..outing with shida again! she was the one doing all the shopping..i teman je..xpe sayang..anything for u! hehe..xpe2..jumaat ni aku g lagi..since duet mara dah masuk! yey! haha..shida said she might join me again this friday..but she's going back on hope not so high there..its ok sayang..dah jumpe u 3 kali ok la tu kan..better than xjumpe langsung kan..anyway..miss u love u! ^_^

wednesday: i am amazed with myself! went to uniten at power sys for 2 hours..1 and a half maybe..class at 10am..11am- 3pm study comsys..3pm went to see dr ungku for future questions (cewah~) class 4-6pm. 7-9.30pm again power sys at library..hoho..
*saya kagum ngn diri sendiri..sekian~

but still..i am looking for the best ways to study power system..been thinking to look for someone in the field like mr hazizi..but since the relationship didnt go well the last the niat stopped there..huhu..big regrets..wuwuu~

about the title, i've met dr izham n dr ungku to ask what to take for the elective subject next year..and among those not so few choices..i begin to think..what do i want to do with my life later? be an engineer? be a housewife? be a lecturer? be a researcher? be mother? is my ultimate choice..but this sem..since i have taken few subjects that are closely related with electrical seems so much different..and obviously not so easy anymore..that's the nature of taking degree i cant be so easy..if it is then anyone can be a degree holder..haish..go schuzyy go!! u can do it! they say we can do better if we have inspiration..i had one..but lost it now and i miss him a lot..trying to look for another..but seem useless since i have rock hard heart now..nothing seems so important anymore..than understanding power system..seriously! i feel like boiling the book and drink the water if that can make me understand better..why does it seem too hard to digest? hish..i am soo worried  now! not knowing what i can do best..i lost strong2! i know i can do it! dr au! help me please! T_T

power system is easy! yosh! glad i can find things to occupied my mind with~

sogo tomorrow anyone? ;p

peace n 0ut ^_^

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