Sunday, September 12, 2010

selamat hari raya maaf zahir n batin!!


it's raya again! yey! but ramadan has gone..never knowing will i ever have the chance to meet it again~

1 thing i love about raya..besides all the food the forgiving the love the more..the commercials..iklan.. hehe..i always love iklan during festive the message they trying to deliver. here's one of my favorite this raya~

i read a blog when i was searching for this vid..and the author said..he couldnt understand why they even made this video..the message wasnt obvious and all..well for me..i is kinda simple..or maybe it is up to  individual how to interpret the message..but seriously i think this iklan dont need a genius to explain the message..

my interpretation: the uncle is going to the old folks's to visit his wife who has Alzheimer.. obvious..the weird part is..a handsome guy riding a bus..haha..ok2..thats subjective..then..what i like about this iklan..the message of how LOVE of an old couple can stand strong even when the wife cant remember her husband anymore..yet the husband still pay her a visit..bringing her food everyday..and still love her with all his heart..gosh..this is what we called.."Cinta Agung" gosh! beautiful~

if u ever read one of my entry back then..i said about me having a hobby of observing old couples..i love to them everywhere..started with my own parents of course..hehe..the love is so strong..i always wonder..can i ever have the same love as them?the love that can withstand all obstacles life can give.. i will love u with all my heart..but can you love me more? i may not show my true way of loving now..but i am keeping them save for my future husband..Insyaallah~

ok2..enough mumbling schuzyy~

tomorrow..more relatives are better have a good night sleep..more makan coming..hehe~

peace n out ^_^

and have a happy Raya! :D

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