Thursday, September 23, 2010

special dates~


ok..another entry..omg! eis notes was waay too much..oh i think it is because i procrastinate a little too much..hehe..and now my brain need some here i am..resting by blogging ^_^

few days ago..while i was studying with my friend eryn,  i was telling her my niece is getting married on this 101010..and the topic went on and on..and then we listed down all possible best looking dates there the nearest future..hehe~

101010 : sunday; good!
101112: saturday ; superb!
080910: wednesday; working day not good
091011: sunday; good
111111: friday..aha janna! machih la bgtau..mmg sesuai ni tarikh kenduri kt kedah la..hehe~
101112: saturday; superb!
111213: wednesday; working
20-10-2010: wednesday;working
20-11-2011: sunday; good!
20-12-2012: thursday; ok la in kedah i guess..haha~
23-2-2023: thursday, hoho..i will be soo old already..hmm..37 and still look like school kid? haha~

 that's all i can think of for now..omg! i get really excited already..well..mine is still beyond imagination..but i am quite excited thinking that my friends are getting engaged, getting married and even getting babies! omg! i am soo happy for u guys! just dont forget me on ur beautiful days ok! ^_^ asma friend's faizah got her 1st baby already..congrats girl! and coming..aliyya..cant wait to see ur baby! must be cuter than u! ;p

peace n out ^_^

spreading the love y'll~