Saturday, September 18, 2010

what i love most~


since start of the semester..this is the first time i came back special special treatment was given by both my parents..hehe..felt so it! love them..and i somehow taken advantage of that..kiki..not much..just requesting to eat this and that..i think most of us who live apart from the family will do that right? so this time..they didnt see me for almost 2 months..which never happened before..usually i will come back once every my experiment proves right! haha..and here's the evidences:

1. mama seems wanna keep me for herself..usually she will take her nap in the hall..but this time..she was always in my room..which made me soo nervous she might ask things that i couldnt answer. and that too didnt occur..yey! lucky me~

2. abah seems jealous of above fact and look very eager when it comes to cooking time..he would cook anything i want..just say u abah!

3. mama cook! and gosh how much i love her cooking! i miss those times when she used to do what abah do nowadays..cook anything we ask..hehe..oh..mama didnt cook anymore now because of health reason..those who met mama will's ok mama..u took care of us longer is time for abah to take charge of the kitchen..hehe~

4. they didnt mind me staying up late going online! and most importantly..they didnt mind i woke up late! haha..which  too never happened before..haha~

mama abah! i love u both! esok dah nk balik bangi..miss u already! huhu~
will be back again on 101010 insyallah~

peace n out ^_^

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n f y said...

amboi anak dara!
blk rmh sekali sekala tunjuk rajin la membuta smpai tghari.
hehe..jgn marah ye azyy..