Sunday, September 26, 2010

i'm happy today!


it's sunday but i am happy..usually sundays are days when I will be sad because of 'that' and because of the next day is Monday. But is just wonderful..morning started late but there were 2 happy events happened today. 1. Kak Na's Engagement Day 2. Kenduri @ Hazirah's house

the look on Kak Na's face..i can feel the love and the happiness..i think that was the first time i attend someone's engagement. i love it! then i found out few friends also got! it is the 'musim bertunang'. hehe..i am so happy for u guys..even mine is still not around but i will let faith decide ^_^

then we headed to ibu's house..after stopping at eda's house to play with kimi and eat her kuih  raya..haha..tu la eda..sape soh wat kuih sedap2 ibu's we ate and ate and ate..very kenyang la today..haha..ibu n ayah is going to Mekah on this 8/11/2010 so i will definitely go visit them again to pass the 'pesanan'..hehe hmm..i will make a very long list! be kurus to find a guy to love to grad with cgpa 3.5 to find a superb job with rm16k a month (erk..fresh degree? haha) to live happily ever after..cewah..too much schuzyy! :D

i love today so much! i hope nothing would go wrong tomorrow..amin!

today..i observed always..and i find love..and strength in their relationship..which i think i have never found.. yet..referring to a note i posted on is to be happy and loved, not when it is full with is when u can give n is to share everything with the one u love..even if it is problems and is true when u can share ur own family with her/him..and making urself one of his/her own. because in Malay marriage..we are getting married not only with him/her but with the whole family..which will make the story a lot different when it gets to the next stage~

when i look in their eyes and faces..that's a feeling i always wanted to feel..but still i havent found..when will i find it? i will still pray to the Al-Mighty for the best..insyaallah~

oh..another thing i love today..ayah said..i can even go to their house kalo rasa runsing..haha..funny la ayah..thanks so much! having the love from my mama abah and ibu ayah is so much of bleesing in my life! janna walopon ko anak angkat dorg xpe aku xjeles..sebab rumah aku lg dekat ngn rumah ibu..hehe..saje nak bagi ko jeles..kikiki..nnt ko balik nk ikot gak eh kalo ko g umah aku tau ko bace ni..hehe~

so this week..will be super busy with power sys 2 test on friday and tonnes of catching-up to exam is around the corner! takot2! and oh date with shida on tuesday! :D

yosh schuzyy yosh!!!

i still got the shock when people address me with the name schuzyy..and i dont know why~

peace n out ^_^


syurga tinggi _(o'.'o)_ said...

ceh, kantoi aku bace blog ko..
mak aku ajak pi openhouse kat kolam dekat umah ak,
30.9.2010 kol 8-11 mlm
ajak je ramai2

schuzyy said...

haha..xpe2..aku tau ko mmg syg aku kan jana kan ;p

mlm ni ke? ala jana..xdapat g kot..aku ade test pagi2 sok..sori ye..huhu