Saturday, February 5, 2011

wonderful holiday!!


just arrived! well..not really actually..haha..arrived at sentral around 5.30am (claps for KTM..their service has improved!! congrats! less delay more people and i love the makcik at KTM alorsetar..she is super friendly! love u makcik! and u n ur husband are very sweet! love u both!) oh..why i said that? the train was scheduled to arrive at sentral at 5.36am..haha..for KTM 6minutes is an achievement! this is an honest compliment ok..very glad about this fact! ^_^ then go for subuh and waited for the komuter till 7am..gosh..always missed the first train..sigh..had breakfast while waiting..and in the train..gosh i was sooo sleepy..dozed off a few times..haha..then reached home around 8am. so it is a 12 hours journey from Alor Setar to my house in bangi..sigh~

i can say that this holiday is something that i like evey now and then..relax and happy and quiet..everyday my day  is pretty much the same..mama kejut for subuh then sleep back (hehe~) then wake up quite early compared before..hahaha..having with the houseworks..the home-stay..then either cook for lunch or eat-out..hehe..even though mama is restricting herself from eating quite a list of and abah still eat everything we wanted..hehe..sorry mama..anyhow..we still love u! muuuaaah! ^_^

i know this is kinda lame..but what i discovered this holiday is..haha..abah, me and fendi have something is common..haha..we are allergic to dust! abah and i were cleaning the house the other day..then both of us end up sneezing and coughing and getting close to get down with fever..haha..then we went to visit fendi's new house in penang..then..haha..fendi too is having same condition as ours..leaving mama feeling left out...haha..and mama was jealous because she is healthy! haha..funny ok! mama got jealous because we got that in common! days before that..a friend of abah told us that i got abah's face and mama's figure..funny how she told me.." ala..macik tu nak amik ati abah la tu.." OMG! mama..hahaha..but i think that is true..i'm very happy with that fact..because abah's face is something that u can spend hours looking at..such a peaceful face..and he has dimple! or i think it is..haha..and i think i got that too..hehe..anyhow..abah..i love u...gosh..writing this making me feel home-sick already! miss home! huhuhu~

ok..another thing that is happening in life is..i think i am in that 'happy phase' again! yippee! i still don't know whether this is really happening or not..but i want to take it as a real thing..i know there might be some obstacles later but i hope we can endure it all together till we reach there. the previous one? what in the past should be left in past right? i stalked on him just now..and i guess he is happier without for u! let's be happy for everything we have now..i am accepting the destiny God made for me..who knows maybe one day he will become the man that i needed. i am always praying to God for that now..gosh how i really want this to happen this time.. last night..he 'teman' me eventho he was tired after going raya with his family..kesian dia..hope we can keep this forever..i am accepting u for what u are as i hope u would accept me as who i more 'that' talk  because all that matter now is heart. Time is what fails me the last 2 times..and i learn my lesson. no more 'time' i hope this is working well now..i know u won't read this..ever..but one of the reasons i love this holiday is having u 'around' hehe..ok..stop the jiwangness! i need to delete all the text msg just to stop me from berangan ..hahaha..geli je~

ok2..time to get-up and do my work!!yosh!! with the help from Mr nescafe maybe? ;p

oh..not forgetting..time waster ;p

Your Dominant Personality Trait is Prudence

You are a responsible and together person. You like structures and schedules.
You don't mind having a long to-do list... in fact, you sort of like checking things off on it.

You are a planner, and you rarely act on impulse. You know what you'll be doing tomorrow.
You are dependable and polite. You do your best not to give anyone any trouble.

You Are Extremely Empathetic

Whenever someone you love feels a certain way, you can't help but feel that way too.
The emotions of others deeply affect you, and it's easy for you to be moved to laughter or tears.

You are very in tune with your surroundings. You immediately pick up on the vibe of a room.
You don't like to see anyone feeling discomfort or pain. You want to make everyone around you as happy as possible.

peace n out ^_^
 ps: i can enjoy colbie caillat has been a while since i stopped listening to her songs ;p

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