Friday, February 25, 2011

hate being so poyo..haha~


i was being so poyo last night..thinking that my english is soo perfect..haha..i'm sorry dear..poyoness hit me last night..hahaha..

i know my english was not perfect..but i am trying hard to improve it! yosh!! ^_^

being this much of age..hehe..making me be a bit more mature..saying the number..having the year as birth year..really making me realised, life is nothing that we should waste doing nothing..

last night...all those hugs and kisses..really touches me..deep down..i dont know why i cried..but truly from my heart..i love all..i will definitely miss them much!!! ^_^ the experience are precious! never will forget!

and i really really hope we can still be those ^_^

peace n put ^_^

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