Monday, February 28, 2011



since yesterday was a big day for a friend of mine..i am thinking of my own big day..when la? haish..but the big question now is..who la? sigh again~
currently..i love to read any articles that touch on the matter..learning the correct way maybe..because i am in a middle of a something u can call a relationship..but i think it is still a scandal. i am hoping it can change to something more real but let just go with the flow and let time decide. after all..only Allah knows what best for me. for what i know..he is different from the others..they are all very sweet and caring..but this one..he just different..too straight forward i would say..i was shock at first but..since it was something i was looking for in the i guess..i can accept this..but..i still can give 100%..not knowing why..maybe i am still afraid. afraid for the past..

yesterday..i was furious because he said he didnt want they to know..keeping me as a secret..but today..i was skeptical when he called me when he was with his friend..mind is taking it! haha..schuzyy! get real..u need to know what u want..accept whatever in front of u as ur destiny..whether it is good or bad..haish..there are too much in head rite now..just need to clear up some space for more concentration in studies! and project and group assignments! sigh!

peace n out ^_^

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