Sunday, February 27, 2011

penat gile..penat yang dh rasa nk gile~

salam~ and friends did a wonderful and crazy thing! hehe..anyway..thanks yana, jana, eda and ita..u made my day..oh..what happened today? we went to our friend's wedding..GMI's friend..Mrs Noreen Nadia n her husband..Mr Edi..congratulations to both of u..soo happy for both of u! hope to see the first baby of GAPP 4 soon! ^_^

oh..the kenduri was in kluang..yes its in Johor..and we made it in one day..haha..the journey started at 9am..hehe..supposedly planned at 8am..but due to waking up lazily around 6.40am..fbooking and doing bit of schoolwork..only then we started preparing for sandwiches. luckily all the sandwiches are gone! yipee!! hehe..berkat me as the makcik kantin..gagaga..arrived at the dewan at 12pm..makan..then we went to noreen's house witnessing her being dressed up...she was sooo beautiful and skinny!! gosh! but it's your day girl..u look perfect!!! soo happy for u..took few pictures on ur pelamin..hehe..gosh she had 2 pelamin! jeles!haha..then we went back to the dewan with her rombongan..hehe..xpasal2 terjoin rombongan pengantin..hehe..then arrived at the dewan for more pictures..then started the journey back..soo..tired already!..i drove back..gosh! that was my 1st trial driving from south to central..hehe..yipee!!! so meaning..i already drove through south and north! yipee!! hen hau schuzyy!!! u made it!!! hehe..during the journey back..all of us are very sleepy..i took my nescafe..and with help of my botol susu..we arrived at bangi around's 3 hours go 4 hours back..minus around 30min or so for prayers at pagoh's R&R. gosh..after taking bath..i tried straight doing my work..but body said noo...really tired!! need the sleep till 10pm..only after he called..haha..thanks dear. guess my theory still works! ^_^

so starting life will only be about studying! studying studying!! no more excuses! ^_^

i am really really glad i resigned! not that i didnt enjoy the life there..but..3 months are enough..just like doing practical..3 months..hehe..will definitely miss all of them..i'll be back as customer..dont worry~

yosh schuzyy!! ^_^

peace n out ^_^ 

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