Sunday, February 6, 2011

second chance?


*this is a serious comment, feel free to leave this page to avoid any negative remark on oneself* ;p

when u watch a malay program, what do u feel? u like it? love it? or just hate it? i always wanted to watch a malay program and having the feeling to follow throughout the season. ok..let's track out what malay program that i enjoy watching my whole life..tv1: forum perdana..i know this sound lame..but this is one of the food for soul source that we can find on the local station. lucky we now have few islamic stations to satisfy us this way. tv2: none that i remember, maybe because it focuses on non-malay program letting tv1 doing the honour. tv3: ahaa..tv3 has lots of quality programs but currently i can only think of few, jalan2 cari makan and Am Max. reasons: because i love makan and now they have Qi!!! haha..but Am Max..i love to watch this program during my practical time..aired at 8am sunday..but now..i lost track..sometimes i accidentally watched it in the evening. weird rite? Am max in the evening..oohh..maybe it will give ideas on what to do the next morning. haha..positive! ok..list of programs stops there. ntv7,8tv and tv9 are quite new..compared to the old 3 rite ;p point here is..i love aznil's programs..everytime he hosted a always bring life..bringing the audiences together with him..but..since he is a success..everyone else also wanted to do the same..but to me..none of them succeed. why people love to watch aznil's, oprah's, david letterman's, and rachel rays's and martha's? oh..and eric's home deco? it is because they include the audience and the guest together. it is ur program..u can do what ever u want..but the life of a program depends on the audience and how they react to  u. i just watched a program this morning. the host is someone i never thought would have failed to satisfy me this bad..he is quite well known. but the way he treated his guest..omg..pity them..i wanted to watch that program because 2 of my u-tube idols are on them! but a 30min program with sooo many segments..kinda make both me and the guests lost! (can see that from their smiles) please...if ur program is short..keep it simple. or u will lose all the attention. lucky u have the guests that i love..i was tempted to change to other channel..but they made me stay..hehe..i really really really hope that our shows will improve..learn from aznil, watch all those martha and rachel's..they are good in making people stick till the end of the program..and making them want to watch again..this problem applies to cooking programs too...i love chef wan's but some other chefs..they just failed. too focus on the program..they forgot audience have feelings too..if u treat ur guest bad..we, audience will too feel bad..thus..leaving the channel..

so, moral of the story..learn before u do something new.

getting off topic: gosh i love Qi..envy Yuna!! ;p

gosh..Qi made me crave for cendol! nyum2..kt mane eh wahab cendol ni? ohh..wangsa maju? shidaaa..blk nnt bwk aku g ye ;p

ok..enough said..

peace n out ^_^

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