Saturday, February 19, 2011

sajak untuk hati?


dear hati..
i always say u need to be strong..
show everyone that u are stronger than what u appear to be..
but they never was all just an act~

dear hati..
i always say u need to please others..
show everyone that u love them..
even if u don't..
so that they can feel good about themselves..
it is always better to make their hati happy rather than ur own~

dear hati..
i always say u need to be patient..
show everyone that u are able to take whatever that comes your way..
but they never know..that u are dying inside..
but the act still goes on~

last night..
my dear hati felt betrayed..
hati always tells itself that be good to others so that it will get the same in return..
hati always knows that other maybe not in their best mood each and every moments...
so maybe when they treated it bad..maybe something when really wrong in their world..
but hati say..i never did that to you..what u still do that to me?
it is not fair..never fair..
but hati keep on trying to be positive..
it is hard enough being a hati..
it survived this 25 another 25 years will only add up the experience..
so dearest it was told..
continue be strong as rock..
soft as wind..
u know u can move the world if u want to..
u know u can!
be positive!
never give up..
just forgive and forget..
they will too learnt sooner or later..

no worries~

peace n out ^_^

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