Thursday, February 24, 2011

hepi bestday to me! ^_^



hehe..i was born at 6.21am 25 years ago..omg! i can hardly believe it myself! 25 is a very big number! suku abd kot!!

thanks for all wishers! love u all! and thanks for remembering my birthday!! and thanks also to mr fb to remind all of them..hehe..

my day wasnt so much different than the others..apart from all the wishes..hehe..thanks again..and all my closest friends doing their thing..pretending not to remember..haha..xpe..dah tau secret scandal..haha..the drama was funny..both sakit hati..but in the end..he did make me felt a little above the cloud..thanks u miss u..then work..i was happy tonight..apart from he already told me not to be i'm not..then..everyone wished when i arrived..that's sweet!! love that moment! got kak wati, nadia, liza, k lily and apek..and kak sie! kak sie offered her hug! gosh how i need a hug rite now..hehe..thanks so much! then..i saw apek bought eggs..i was scared..i thought of the idea..but gosh..hope not..then..the end of shift..omg! when i was talking to kak sie..apek came from my back..with tepung!! i was running all around there..and resulting with me being a cucur..lucky i saved the egg's life..haha..or else i would be azy celup tepung..hahaha..thanks dear!! i will definitely miss all of u guys..this 3 months are very precious to me..i learn so much that i could never learn in school..thank you..thank you! i will miss the life there! thanks for the celebration again! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

*by 25-year-old schuzyy ^_^

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