Monday, February 7, 2011



ok today i want to talk about..mind..mind is something that hard to control..but one can train it to be in control. what amaze me today mind works. sometimes it can be brilliant..sometimes it can be dumb..but mostly we only notice the dumb act of a mind. the brilliant one? often be neglected or envied and being pushed away.

as 'we' put it..the ordinary mind that we mingle with everyday. when one only focuses their mind on one thing..or maybe one surrounding..sometimes..the act of the mind can be seen as fool and ridiculous.

let's us hope that our mind can be a little bit extra ordinary and be brilliant..ignoring all the ignorant of others.

ok. what am i talking about here? ok..this is my example of my own life experienced..and it just happened a while ago. i am 3 months old there..and in this 3 months..this 2 days experience really brought the shock of my life. people been talking behind my back. left alone those who talk in front of my face. lucky i am quite an actress. haha..i do mind people talking about me.. especially when they are bad..ok2..straight to the point. there are few girls..young girls around there..and ones who are most talked about are only 3...and it is quite amazing how i got in the list..well..i just found out tonight..a bit of myself feel was almost never!! people got jealous of me because someone LIKE me..what i know..i enslaved myself there just to gain experience and most what happened something that i always avoid my whole life! stupid gossip! it is amazing how their mind work when it come to gossips. i was away for 11 days..and what i know after i came back..people are talking about me being favorite..yes i am glad..but truly speaking..what good does that give me? enemy? all my sisters hate me sarcasms looks and words..gosh i hate those things. i wanted to be good to everyone..and when i am soo close to be liked by everyone..they talk..and everyone just turn their back on me now..well..i think that is a cue for me to resign..well..lucky problems is almost i think..on Wednesday..i will hand in the resign letter.  gosh..i can only pray that in my real job later..none of this would happened. i only want to be a good.. kind hearted girl who is loved by everyone..and without having any gossips. people..please...tingkatkan prestasi..kurangkan kontroversi~


peace n out ^_^

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