Thursday, December 9, 2010

happy new year!!


almost 2 weeks since i last log in here..i'm trying to keep things to myself as i think privacy is no longer one if i keep on sharing it with the whole world..haha..but i can't stop being me..the reason i blog is because i want to learn to keep my mouth i will open up my mind using here it is~

class has started..not so much..monday 1 class..tuesday till thursday 3 hours..and free friday till a looot of thinking..i decided to do part time i have been searching..and i found one! yey! very near to my house..and the pay is reasonable..i guess..but little is better than nothing right? so today is my third day working! people are only as a cashier..i am satisfied! so i think my blog after this will talk mostly about this new experience..thinking of making it in the other blog..but i guess that will be only for real jobs..hehe..

life? not much improvements..only that i keep on reminding my self on my goals..lucky i calculated my cgpa for the next 2 sems..and i think that really open  up my mind..and i know i should start with believing i can do this!! yes!! believing is achieving..insyallah..other? i think i made up my mind..i have put up my priority! and i hope Allah has forgive me for being that i have clearer mind..i think i should be okey if i know what i am looking for..insyaallah!

this is my new year resolutions: heart and mind..peaceful in both~

go schuzyy go!! u can do it!!! yosh!!

peace n out ^_^

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