Tuesday, December 21, 2010

heart and soul


i hate it when this things happened to me..again and again..repeatedly. But when i discuss the matter with a friend, the conclusion is..what if this is Karma? well..not saying i believe in karma..but even in Islam..things like cash pay-back do exist..huhu..i know i am being a bad girl a bad friend sometimes. i slowly ran away from friends..you might say i am being selfish. yes maybe i so..but i do this for your own benefits too..you said i hurt u..so maybe it is better if we dont hang around much..and it is proven..we are better like this. i love being friended to everyone. but sometimes when i get along with one person a little too close..i tend to run away..don't ask me why..maybe i am scared that we would be too close and i can't be apart from you..gosh..no no..i am not a lesbo..i am still straight! still in love with boys..haha~

maybe this is a lesson for me..lesson for me to be good to everyone..without wanting anything back..i am mean to my girlfriends..that's why He haven't let any man come into my life..it's OK..i am fine for now..but please Allah..let mama know about your plan~

haha..emo emo emo..so sorry..i am trying to avoid emotional-entries..but guess i am not trying hard enough..i am upset with myself because i am being stupid when it comes to this..again!! and i hate it so much! lucky tonight i am being strong enough...life must go! yosh schuzyy!! you got tonnes of things to do rather than spending time thinking about those hopeless things..go schuzyy!! you are better than this and you know it!!

peace n out ^_^

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