Monday, December 20, 2010

thanks Allah..yosh FYP!!


i did something last night..and i think i did it good.. and now i realize that i am being stupid..for believing it could happened to me..the truth is..they are still the same..can't be trusted! but i put myself to blame..they warned me..i am the one taking the risk. so take that! but i am super glad i realized this now. so that i know if any of this come later on..i am aware..and will just consider those as fling. but wouldn't it hurt me the most? hmm..i was hurt before. so what else can i expect..just live through it schuzyy.. it was nowhere to be seen. maybe u were not destine for that. for now. it is all about study..nothing more. full stop!

ok..come back to some serious matter..this 2 final semesters, i will be doing my FYP! wehoo! i don't know what to expect..i am excited, i am scared, i am curious and i am too are doubtful can i do this?

yikes! plus the job..and the classes..i must be joking! no is all about mind power!!! yosh!! project description is as below:

Project Title Details

Title:Development of CBM methodology for MV Overhead Lines
Supervisor:Ali Askar Bin Sher Mohamad, Ir.
Synopsis:Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) is essential for a power utility to optimize its infrastructure assets. Rather than calendar-based maintenance, CBM involves regular monitoring of the asset and carrying out maintenance based on the health condition of the asset, its age and its criticality to the operations of the system. This project proposes to develop a CBM methodology specifically for medium voltage overhead lines in the utility distribution network.
Methodology:The student needs to do some literature review to understand the basic concepts of CBM as well as the MV overhead line equipment and technology. He/she will then need to determine the various Tier 1 and Tier 2 tests as well as the weightage for each one to compute the total health index of the overhead line.
Deliverables:Software-based template for CBM of MV overhead lines which will calculate the health index of the equipment and give instruction on the next steps for maintenance of the equipment.
Sponsor Info (Optional):
Project Type:Predominantly Design Based Project

my review: met ir ali askar weeks ago..asking about this. he said it will be about studying the MV overhead lines and figuring out the methods to make the maintenance condition-based. as it is for now time-based. Time based means, they will do the maintenance work once it reaches the scheduled date whether the machines are still in good condition or not. And for some equipments, it will be a waste of money and time because electricity in industrial = money. So this project will have and output of a software or simple user-friendly interface that will allow everyday men to key in the date and few other basic data that anyone understand and the date for the major maintenance can be estimated. TNBR is already working on the system for switch-gears and transformer. So, i am looking forward to working on this project as it is an extension for those. Ir Ali Askar said he have some materials that i can read on. So my research will start in short..right after i meet him today..if i can get myself ready..gagaga~

like i said, i am all excited about the same time i feel life after this will be more internet, mingling with pc, books and journals and focusing on it is all about the money~

focus schuzyy!!!! u can do this!!! for yourself and family! yosh!!

peace n out ^_^

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