Wednesday, November 24, 2010

more dreams~


omg! due to my internet surfing topic is..the Panama Canal..if i'm not mistaken..i watched a documentary on this and i got soo interested..and tonight..i search on that..and i found this video..which i love so much!

they say..the ship crossing the canal is paying 100k to the operator..gosh! they really made money there.. thoughts wonderful if i can experienced that search continues..then i found this website..

gosh! they have the cruise that sail through the! a world cruise!! omg! isn't that everyone's dream? who havent dream on having a world original dream is to travel the world on bike or car but on a cruise! omg! that is more delightful! and i keep on digging in the site..and here's the world trip that got my attention..

ahaa..see the price? and it is a special offer! haha..oh. the duration? 162 nights..
the itinerary is superb! love it! and i'm sure my parents will love this! but the price..definitely's start filling the piggy bank! maybe we can get on that cruise once before we die! yosh! ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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