Sunday, December 12, 2010


salam~! because it's public holiday..they made me work all day because the pay is my greediness tricked me into taking the offer..and the decision has made my body tired till this i still need to work this evening.. what worries me now is..i havent finish my fyp proposal..gosh! this is bad! i need to work fast..because i need to submit it on tuesday..and on monday morning i have a conference to attend..cewah..just as an usher la..kikiki..doing a favor for dr yasmin..actually i am trying to get myself involve with as much activities because i think my brain is getting lazy these days..and  when it does..everything seems so slow..hate it hate it hate it!!

people tend to look as cashier and those who work in the service sectors as low that they dont need to respect as the same species as their own..and realizing this make me sick! the too are human..they too have hearts and souls and feeling like others..maybe they only have SPM or PMR or none for a education qualification..but they sometimes are better in handling life..i have seen people who have Dr title in front of the name but having a spoiled children..seen in tv and with my own wish here..please please please respect everyone around u so they will too respect u~

it's tiring..but i think i will love them~ ^_^

peace n out ^_^

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