Thursday, December 30, 2010

i think i'm evil~


am i? because sometimes i think i am too quick to judge..and when i'm usually inaccurate. this is the part where i really want to improve so badly! i love to make friend..but friends i made this few years time..usually turned out to be someone that i learn to dislike when i get to know them. running away from them hurt me as much i hurt them. i am sorry if i did that to you. i am still getting to know myself. i know this somehow will effect my own life. i am regretting this. i will learn to accept you as u are. i me..i will~

right now..head is stressing out! FYP! gosh! everytime the word cable come..i feel much stressed! gosh! should i rethink about this part-time job? but i do love this. it is like having another world. another life. a student..night as a totally free-person without any burden. thanks to make me smile. having you in my life now does mean so much to me..i hope what you say about time will come true. i don't know why i believe in you. but i do.

lies? why do people tell lies? and they say i am weird for believing too easily? what's wrong with telling the truth? gosh..i may not be kind at heart all the time..but the only thing i never telling lies. that's why i hate liar..excuses on the other hand different ;p

ok..enough said~

peace n out ^_^

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