Saturday, December 11, 2010

life is wonderful if u appreciate everything around u and be thankful for it~


today..what i learn from people..bad word just show that u are more or less like the person u cursed.

beauty treated with envy = silence
ugly treated with busuk hati = making fun

hmm..sorry..the equation doesnt make sense..but u'll understand if u experienced it.

a friend point out to me that i am an observer..yes i am..i love to observe people..i always wonder how they live their life. my stupid less experience is always wonderful and greener on the other side..but as i live my own life..the greenery there seems better to us..but not to them..that is why Allah always remind us to be thankful for everything we have.

i was once been down with all the misfortunes that happened in my life..but i believe that life must go on..and what will be will is all fated..our to live the life as if it will end in the next second..and remember the creator~

i'm sorry if my entries are becoming emotional and boring to some..but this is a blog dedicated to my thoughts and feelings..feel free not to read this if u think as such. my English may not be perfect..that's why i am writing make it better..there is always a room for improvement..all i want to say positive! that is the only way we can be happy and make others happy..i may not be one..yet..but i am trying to be 100% positive with reason and logic of course..

peace n out ^_^

ps: omg! i got a face in my head that i can't forget!! how la how it love? gosh! hope not..huuu~

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