Friday, December 24, 2010

senyum is the greatest gift of all~


today's topic say i smile a lot..i like it when they noticed..i know i am no pretty or beauty so i need my smile to make my appearance better..agree?

when i work i need my smile because it involves other people..but when they repeatedly come to see my smile..the smile will that day..a man came..he was teasing me..saying that he love to come because he love to look at this tembam girl..then he came to me and said ala..senyum la sket.. automatically i kembongkan pipi...OMG! i remembered a quote saying..a good girl is one who don't look and not looked i guess i shouldn't be too friendly to people like that..bknnye dtg tuk beli barang..huhu..the bad thing about working there is i am exposing myself to people..but looking at the bright side..this is good for my observations and changing my perspective towards life..that's the reality that everyone is facing..whether it is good or bad..that's what we call life~

i am still trying to understand myself and people around me..and what i found out about myself that need attention is..i need not to fall for someone too easily..heart! please..behave2...there are too many people who are not trustworthy out there..just be aware..and lookout! don't trust people blindly~

one more thing..i don't understand why married people still want to flirt around..gosh! be loyal to ur spouse please!

ok..enough said~


You Are Creative

You are open minded, flexible, and adventurous. You never quite know where you're going, and you like it that way.*true...just go with the flow~

You take a lot of time to enjoy yourself and live life to the fullest. You don't mind being in the slow lane.*yea! 

You find that most tasks are easier than you anticipated. Things are never as bad as they seem.*betol3! positive2!!

You work hard for the material rewards you get in the end. You wouldn't have your job if it didn't pay you.

You Are Fun Loving

The holidays are a nonstop good time for you, and you don't have the patience for any stress or drama.
You're hoping that you can make everyone laugh during this stressful time of year... or at the very least smile.

You are confident and secure in who you are. You like to be the life of the party.
You stay away from the sappier sides of the holidays. You prefer to keep it uplifting.

Your Attachment Style is Preoccupied

You expect others to love and respect you, but you're still working on loving and respecting yourself.
You crave intimacy, and sometimes you try to get too close to people too quickly.*sigh~

You are afraid of being rejected, and you feel ashamed if someone else doesn't share your feelings.
You tend to alternately push people away and overwhelm them. It's hard for you to find a happy medium.*still looking~

peace n out ^_^

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