Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your Birthday Predicts You're Fieryblog

Your Birthday Predicts You're Fiery
Ever since you were born, you've loved taking risks.
You crave excitement and thrills. You are driven by your passion.

You may have a wild streak, but you also love learning and experiencing life.
You're multi-faceted and can't be labeled. You're sexy, smart, flexible, and stubborn.


schuzyy said...

forgeot to comment upthere..well..its kinda true..i love taking risk in everything i do..xceitement n thrills?? need to ask..its in my blood..really? dont know from where..but i love them!! flexible? definitely, stubborn too..multifaceted..hahaha~all true xcept for sexy..haha..well mayb for some i'm sexy..ask them then don ask me..;p

meorsyukri said...

fuyoo ...
the predict says u r fiery?
which part?
suka marah2 ea?

schuzyy said...

hoho..bru pasan..nk try kene marah ke mad? ;p