Sunday, February 22, 2009

tagging untag~

Best day Award - hopefully today ;p

Best Memory Award - pmr kot. haha

Best Friend Award - nad! miss u girl!!

Best Enemy Award - Bush?.

Song of The Year - Lovebug-adikberadik Jonas ;p

Movie of the year - geng: pengembaraan Bermula

Male Singer of the year - Faizal Tahir

Female singer of the year - Rihanna (fre tickets is the reason ;p)

Duo/Band of the year - adik beradik Jonas

Actor of the year - Vin Diesel

Actress of the year - Dinaz

TV program of the year - AF count?

DJ of the year - DJ azyy ;p

TV host of the year - Nabil n Aznil(if he ever going for AF again..huhu.

Scandal of the year - Norman Hakim yg ampes ;p

Best Hang Out Spot - on my bed :)

Best Cinema - Alamanda

Best Eating Place - nasi ayam mawar.

Best Bowling Spot - aloq staq..with my fren..without just lame~.

Best Bookshop - anywhere got books.

Best Shopping Spot - JJ

Best Karaoke Spot - xreti karok2 ni

Mostly Done Activity - facebooking..haha..i'm addicted

Best Website - Facebook.

Other awards you would like to give - best birthday present giver..hoho

The most shocking news - my cats were given away..uhuhu..miss the,.

Best Things that happen - get to know him~

The worst moments - loosing best friend

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