Friday, February 6, 2009

1st of thousands to come~

hello!! since this is my first entry, so i think there's just too much too say..can't wait to pour it all here...i'm actually no xpecting any readers..since this would be my ultimate sink for everything cross my mind...i'm an that's what i do..i observe people and what is happening in my life as a schuzyy~ mind my english..i know its not that this blog will also be my platform to practise my english..i might use malay too..german a bit maybe..hehe..this is my 2nd blog actually..1st was the one with friendster. but friendster seems to be outdated so mayb blogspot is better..hehe..sorry!'s observation..

i just discovered that i am a friendly but choosy type of person..i dislikes guys..especially those 'everywhere' kind of education backgrond make me like this..i love to have a nice little chat with anyone as long as their name is woman..even makcik cleaner..that's what my friend says..hehe..but another friend says..i should be more friendly with guys since i'm in engineering field, so, mixing with guys is unavoidable..sad~

next agenda~

i discovered i more thing bout myself today...i hate the word.." ada laa~" if you dont want to share something with other..please...please..dont ever mention it in front of just hurt~ secret will be a secret when u never mention it at all..please!! well maybe i'm just not worth to be told..anything laa~ just please!!! dont do that in front of me..well for guys..i think it should apply the same..but my previous xperience shows that they might be a lil one is still under observation.. ;p

still coming~

another discovery today..i love beautiful women too..not in any wrong way..just admiring god's my personal opinion..covered can also be point is..i'm still shocked to see friends of mine..changed..not sure why..but..that kind of changes just cant be acceptable..sorry to say..u might say what should i care..well..i do care since u are my friend!! for me friendship is everything!! cant live without one!! can even eat without one..prefer to tapau~ hehe..just praying hard they know what they are doing..just hoping for the best for all of us!!

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