Friday, February 6, 2009


can weekends consider as holiday? think not..well..i think as students..we just need to spend our weekends with all those homework and revision..tired..for sure..but its just how a student should live their live..i had a super dark experience back then..maybe not that dark..just that..i used to spend my time going out and all..having fun...can't and don't want to face and problem or stress at all..especially the fact that our campus( can i call it campus? hmm) is situated in somewhere in it was really a heaven!! jaya jusco was our daily a little the times square we went~ just so much fun...unlike now..i know i miss those fun..but remembering that was all mistakes that i should avoid repeating..just concentrating on being a good student..remembered doing this survey on blogthings..on how good of a student am i? well it says i am a great student!! hoho...yes i am!! and i will always be!! hehe..just scared i might repeat the same mistakes again..scared2~~ but for now..i'm in my 2nd year..i missed 1 DL..sad..but still this sem i could get another one..insyaAllah~ oo..back to the topic..what i wanted to say is..this weekend..including the monday holiday of thaipusam and maulidurasul....(to be continue~)

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